ATL DTF Transfers

Designed for ATL DTF Transfers  printers,  provide vibrant color and high-resolution details that resist cracking and fading. These versatile, long-lasting transfers are ideal for a wide variety of fabric types, from classic cotton and polyester to the stretchy realms of spandex.

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Whether you’re an absolute beginner or a seasoned pro, applying DTF Transfers to garments is simple and straightforward with standard heat press equipment. There’s no weeding or masking required, and they work well on both light and dark fabrics.

Quick Turnarounds for Instant Merchandise Production

From businesses looking to reinforce their brand identity with custom merchandise to individuals wanting to express their unique style, same-day DTF printing services make it easy to meet client demands without sacrificing quality. ATL DTF transfers are available from a wide range of sources, including specialized printing shops and online marketplaces.

How do I apply DTF Transfers?

To apply DTF Print Transfers, start by pre-ironing the garment where the design will be applied. This removes moisture and wrinkles, providing a clean surface for the iron to adhere to. Next, apply the DTF Transfer to the garment, positioning it carefully. Finally, apply the heat from the iron to the garment, using even and firm pressure. Once the transfer has been applied, allow it to cool before peeling off. For the best results, use a commercial-grade heat press with accurate temperature controls. You should be able to adjust the setting for different materials. It is also recommended that you store your DTF Transfers in a cool, dry place.