Choosing Mens Wedding Bands

Bands for mens wedding serve as a lasting symbol of their relationship—from traditional gold rings to modern alternative materials, they can be simple and sophisticated or more elaborate. It’s important for couples to understand their budget and style, and to choose a band that reflects the love and commitment they share.

When shopping for a band, it’s important to consider the width. Thicker rings (6 mm-12 mm) make more of a statement on the hand and are a good choice for those with larger hands or who work with their hands. Thinner bands (3 mm-5 mm) are more subtle on the hand and can be a great option for those who aren’t used to wearing jewelry or who have thinner fingers.

Beyond the Band: Unique and Trendy Wedding Ring Styles for Every Couple

Another factor to consider is the ring’s profile, or the way it sits on the finger. Rings can be high-domed, which resembles a D-shape and rises up higher off the finger, or low-domed, which is less of a raised profile and more of a flat surface. Both styles are elegant and stylish, but it’s a matter of personal preference which one fits the groom-to-be best.

Many brides and grooms also purchase a second ring to wear for casual occasions or while traveling. A nontraditional choice for this occasion is a silicone ring, which can be purchased in any metal (such as gold or silver) or even in eco-friendly blends and is very affordable. The Elements Classic Silicone ring by Enso is a popular option and is available in a range of colors for an easy fit.