Digital Menu Boards Ideas For Restaurants


A customer comes in to order a drink, but can’t see the menu. They ask the server what’s available, but get confused and end up waiting a few minutes.Digital menu boards ideas are more than just eye-catching, they’re a powerful tool that can help improve the restaurant experience for your customers. From simplifying the ordering process to cutting down perceived wait times, there are many ways a digital menu board can boost your business.

Step-by-Step Guide to Creating a Digital Menu Board

One of the best things about menu boards is that they can be updated in real-time. This allows you to show daily specials and promotions that you can change on the fly based on inventory and demand. However, it’s important to limit how much you change your menu content so that the main informational purpose remains intact.

Using high-quality images and videos is also key when it comes to digital displays. As menus rely heavily on visuals, low-resolution or blurry content can be a big turn-off for your customers.

Adding some form of animation to your menus is another great way to grab attention. Whether it’s a fiery animation that makes your pizza look spicy or a video showing the food being prepared, any kind of motion is sure to capture your audience’s attention.