Grabovoi Codes List – How to Manifest Anything You Want on TikTok

Grabovoi codes list , aka “cheat codes for the universe,” are a new trend on TikTok. People are using them to manifest things like health, wealth and love. The code sequences were created by Russian mathematician, psychic and spiritualist Grigori Grabovoi. He claims that he developed the codes while working on his radionics machine, which transmits or disperses a form of energy called “eloptic radiation.”

Unlocking the Power of Grabovoi Codes: A Comprehensive List for Healing and Manifestation

Grabovoi has a long history of fraud. He is a faith healer who claims to be able to resurrect the dead, and he was once jailed for promising parents of children killed in school shootings that he could resurrect their children for a fee. He is a controversial figure in Russia, where many believe that he has supernatural powers.

Despite their controversy, there is no evidence that grabovoi codes cause any harm or open any evil portals. Rather, they are based on the alternative medicine principle of radionic signatures, which suggests that everything — from organs to diseases to treatments – has a specific vibration ascribed to it. The “cheat codes” unlock that vibration for whatever you want.

That doesn’t mean the codes won’t work, though. The trick is to find a code that closely matches your intention, such as one for money manifestation or love manifestation. You can write the code on a piece of paper and carry it with you or write it on a crystal, and then visualize your desire while holding it.