South American Bird Species

South American Bird Species

A birdwatcher’s favorite South American Bird Species is the hyacinth macaw. These large birds are extremely intelligent and can make wonderful pets if they’re well cared for. However, it’s important to research a pet thoroughly to ensure you have the proper environment and food requirements for it to thrive.

These unmistakable water birds are a common sight in lakes and marshes across South America. Their long wingspan allows them to glide effortlessly through winds in search of fish and other aquatic creatures on the sea surface.

The rufous-collared sparrow is found in almost all countries in South America and thrives in many human-altered habitats. This species is a skilled predator, snatching prey items from the air with quick pounces and often catching insects in mid-air. The rufous-collared sparrow feeds on seeds, fruit, and insect larvae.

Exploring the Rich Diversity of South American Bird Species

Another remarkable species of South American bird is the smooth-billed anis. This zygodactyl bird has two toes that point backward and one that points forward. They’re very adept at hunting in open grasslands and are often drawn to herds of cattle that flush prey. They’re also highly social birds that share nest building, incubation and chick feeding duties amongst their members.

The guanay cormorant is a large seabird found along the coasts of Peru, northern Chile and Ecuador as far north as southern Colombia. These graceful gliders are able to hover over the water while searching for small fish and squid on the sea surface.