The Dangers of PBN Links

Importance of PBN in SEO used to promote websites online. When used correctly, they offer a great ROI and can rank sites that would otherwise struggle to gain visibility.

However, they are not without their drawbacks. For starters, using PBNs can lead to a Google penalty. Google is constantly updating their algorithms to fight against unnatural links, and if they suspect that you are using a PBN network to manipulate your rankings, they will punish your site. This can lead to a drop in organic traffic, and even deindexing your site entirely if Google’s algorithm is especially aggressive.

“How to Safely Acquire and Maintain PBN Links

This is why it is important to use a PBN network that you fully control. This means that you are purchasing domains, hosting them and then creating content on each of the sites to link out to your money site. This way, you can control how real or fake each site is, which in turn can help prevent a Google penalty.

In addition to being able to control how real each site is, you can also ensure that the content on each of your PBN sites is relevant to your target niche. This can help prevent a Google penalty, as well as increase the quality of the backlinks you are receiving. If you are using a paid PBN network, it is also worth using a tool like Ahrefs to identify toxic backlinks and disavow them with the click of a button.