The Nomad Visa Spain – A Special Type of Work Permit For Remote Workers

The nomad visa spain is a special type of work permit designed for remote workers that allows them to live and work legally in Spain for up to three years. The visa has been approved by Spain’s parliament as part of the new Start-up Law and was designed to encourage entrepreneurship in the country and boost its tech scene. Previously, non-EU workers had to apply for a work visa or residencia de larga duración to live and work in the country, which is often a long, time-consuming process.

The digital nomad visa is open to freelancers, remote workers, and self-employed individuals from non-EU countries who can prove their ability to do their job from anywhere in the world using an internet connection. The visa has a few key requirements that must be met, including having a company with established business in another country and earning income from clients that are also established entities (not individuals). Applicants must also have full health insurance coverage for themselves and any family members who accompany them to Spain.

The application process for the nomad visa is relatively simple, and it can be done from within Spain or at a Spanish consulate in your home country. In order to make the application, you will need to provide a variety of documents including official transcripts, certified translations, and Apostilles, as well as proof of income. The cost of preparing these documents can vary depending on where you are making the application and what kind of translation services you need to use.